Willoughby Hotel
Enjoy fun times at the Willoughby Hotel
Enjoy fun times at the Willoughby Hotel

CITYSEARCH SYDNEY - Jessica Miller, September 2009


The Willoughby Hotel is the ideal spot to catch a game and get stuck into their happy hour specials.

Editorial Review

The north shore doesn't have the greatest reputation for pumping bars or all-night benders. But every now and then a diamond is unearthed and you discover that what you thought was a quiet old local boozer, is in fact a raging backdrop to one hell of a night out. The Willoughby Hotel is such a pub. Sure, it's local and small-ish, but quiet it ain't.

Start with the beautiful Deck Bar: a covered outdoor oasis with a generous bar and extended happy hour on Friday night. There's plenty of space so there's no fights over seats, and while the punters are enjoying themselves, you won't have to worry about getting a beer spilled down your shirt by 8pm or unplugging your thongs on a floor covered in spilled tequila sunrises. Yes, the Willoughby can be a hoot, but it's slightly more civilized than that.

The beer and wine are your local standards, which is great if you're not fussy and want to buy a bottle of red for less than a nifty. They're all Aussie stalwarts on the wine list, but the variety is reasonable so long as you're no connoisseur. Same goes for beers. The default pour is Tooheys New or Carlton draft, so don't hang about trying to make up your mind. If you get here for a footy game, you'll find yourself open to a superb deal on beers and Bundy for the entire night. And be prepared to kick on if the right team comes home.

315 Penshurst Street, Willoughby North - PH 02 9417 2119

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Enjoy fun times at the Willoughby Hotel
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